The Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change

Excerpt from The Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change:

That current plans to restrict anthropogenic CO2 emissions are a dangerous misallocation of intellectual capital and resources that should be dedicated to solving humanity's real and serious problems.

That there is no convincing evidence that CO2 emissions from modern industrial activity has in the past, is now, or will in the future cause catastrophic climate change.

That attempts by governments to inflict taxes and costly regulations on industry and individual citizens with the aim of reducing emissions of CO2 will pointlessly curtail the prosperity of the West and progress of developing nations without affecting climate.

That adaptation as needed is massively more cost-effective than any attempted mitigation and that a focus on such mitigation will divert the attention and resources of governments away from addressing the real problems of their peoples.

Read the full declaration here.

Al Gore And Global Warming

NOTE: This article was originally posted in October, 2007.

John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel said the following:
"It is the greatest scam in history. I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by it. Global Warming; It is a SCAM. Some dastardly scientists with environmental and political motives manipulated long term scientific data to create an illusion of rapid global warming. Other scientists of the same environmental whacko type jumped into the circle to support and broaden the “research” to further enhance the totally slanted, bogus global warming claims. Their friends in government steered huge research grants their way to keep the movement going. Soon they claimed to be a consensus." See full text here ...
I say ...

Those are harsh words; yet, given the source, credible. To be sure, as you will learn, there is much more criticism and direct rebuttal of Al Gore's proselytizing of Global Warming than is likely to reach the general population through traditional media outlets.

Global Warming has been made into a highly-charged political issue mainly by the efforts of a single politician. As a result, millions of people with virtually no scientific expertise on the matter and with the blind fervor of religious zealots, have sworn allegiance to the call. While they march forward to save the earth and all living things from the catastrophic calamity promised by their unapproachable and unaccountable leader, Al Gore, they belittle their “uncaring", "ignorant” detractors who in fact seem to have investigated the subject more than they—if they have investigated it at all.

Further, as is often the case with such things, millions of “Warmers” have become so intellectually rigid and so emotionally attached to their belief in Global Warming that any chance of reasoned discourse with them is about as likely as an actual teleportation to the moon by Mr. Gore. But then our world is becoming less actual every day.

So here is where I stand at the moment: After reading much conflicting material from scientific experts I believe there is nothing that even begins to approach a consensus. Because of this, it is clear to me that Al Gore has grossly misled all of us by repeatedly insisting that “There is a consensus.” and that "The debate is over.” When his detractors criticize or (Good God!) actually insist on public debate, he simply repeats the mantras—“There is a consensus.” "The debate is over.” and tries to belittle and embarrass his opponents with specious declarations delivered with the practiced condescension of an arrogant demagogue. His horde of Orwellian automatons—the zealots known as "Warmers"— further attempt to make all opposition look ignorant, uncaring, and foolish—and at all costs—try to stifle criticism and cutoff or avoid debate. The tactics are ageless. Fascists have been using them to maintain their totalitarian states for centuries. But  we must expose and hold accountable these self-serving political bullies if we are to avoid straddling our children with unimaginable mountains of debt and leaving them with a nation more akin to a banana republic than the America the world has admired for so long.

Is there a consensus when large portions of the scientific community disagree with Gore’s assertions? Is the debate over when highly respected climatologists call Al Gore a fraud and seek public debate in order to get their views aired? Is this the “Information Age” or the “Misinformation Age”? At the very least, charlatanism is alive and well.

Does this mean that everything Al Gore told us in his book is wrong? No, that would have been too obvious. But given his gross misrepresentations and outright lies it should tell all honest thinkers who are politically unbiased and independent to be particularly suspicious of anything Mr. Gore has to say on the subject. One does not establish his bona fides by grossly misleading his audience about anything—large or small.

Is our planet warming? I don’t know. Some say yes. Some say no. Some say yes and we are causing it. Some say yes but we have nothing to do with it. Many say we simply do not know because we are not yet capable of knowing. And so it goes. But this is certain: It is not static. This we do know because we know that it is always in a state of change. It was that way before we got here and will be that way after we are gone.

I suspect Al Gore knows these things and doesn’t care. Also, it is clear that Al Gore and large numbers of scientists and businesses have and continue to profit handsomely as a result of spreading the fear of global warming to all the people of planet earth—the very people and the very planet he and they profess to care so much about. I suspect that the full sense of his message is false and that in knowing it is false he has committed an insidiously unconscionable act of mass deception on us all—and, ultimately, one of inestimable cost and suffering to all people on this planet if we do not consider this matter well and are not circumspect and very smart about it in the years to come.

Are there scientists who are legitimate proponents of the man-made global warming model? I think there must be many and I can only hope they are and will continue to have serious, sound scientific dialog with their peers—and that they steer clear of disingenuous politicians.

If we continue to act on Mr. Gore’s proclamations without insisting on responsible, unbiased, objective science to guide us, the results could be as costly, if not as catastrophic, as Mr. Gore's debatable and highly suspect predictions. Gore has successfully made political (and profitable) that which is by definition, scientific. This must be changed.

Some final comments: Many, seem to confuse the Gore-style politically-charged issue of Global Warming with common sense considerations regarding the overall health of our planet. So to be clear, it should be self-evident that a clean environment is healthier than a dirty one and that we humans should engage in all appropriate environmental pursuits that will contribute to a clean and healthy mother earth.

Polar Bear Testimony Suppressed Due to 'Inconvenient' Truths

Although you may not find this story anywhere in the American "mainstream" media, Christopher Booker of the UK Telegraph has delivered an excellent report on this inconvenient truth suppression: Get the full story here.

Over 31,000 Scientists Debunk Al Gore

It is true! Over 31,000 credentialed scientists have signed a petition in opposition to Al Gore's global warming claims. It is called The Oregon Petition. Yet chances are you have never heard of it because our dishonest politicians and corrupt media continue to hide it from you.

This remarkable project is the work of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine and it is an American tragedy that something of this magnitude remains hidden from the American public. So I urge everyone to spread the news. Don't wait; do it now before our government spends billions (or trillions) more of our hard-earned money for bogus projects to combat "global warming." Don't be fooled: These projects are really designed to increase their already monstrous political power over us.

You can learn all about it right now at The Oregon Petition.

There Is No Consensus Big Al

Consensus? Really? Here are a few links among hundreds or maybe thousands that essentially say, "Mr. Gore, you are either ignorant, stupid, or a shameless liar. In any case, you are selfish and dangerous and your false propaganda will cause more pain and strife for people all over the world."

This article was originally posted in October of 2007 but it has been added to since then.

"... when NASA released a report Monday claiming "... the rapid decline in winter perennial ice the past two years was caused by unusual winds," virtually no media outlets shared the information with the citizenry, and those that did still blamed the melting ice on - you guessed it - global warming. Yet the largely boycotted announcement out of NASA stated no such thing ..." Go to NASA for the report.

"Gore's circumstantial arguments are so weak that they are pathetic. It is simply incredible that they, and his film, are commanding public attention." Professor Bob Carter of the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University, in Australia. More ...

"... two-thirds of more than 530 climate scientists from 27 countries surveyed did not believe that 'the current state of scientific knowledge is developed well enough to allow for a reasonable assessment of the effects of greenhouse gases.'" More ...

Regarding Al Gore's policies and positions, which the Nobel committee celebrated and mentioned as one of the reasons for giving him the award, Marlo Lewis, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, once said that, "... I think those policies lead to global instability and political strife, within nations and between nations." He also itemized specific misrepresentations in Gore's global warming film in a video interview. See the video ...

"It is the greatest scam in history. I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by it. Global Warming; It is a SCAM. Some dastardly scientists with environmental and political motives manipulated long term scientific data to create in allusion of rapid global warming. Other scientists of the same environmental whacko type jumped into the circle to support and broaden the “research” to further enhance the totally slanted, bogus global warming claims. Their friends in government steered huge research grants their way to keep the movement going. Soon they claimed to be a consensus." John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel Click here for the full text.

TWC founder and global warming skeptic advocates suing Al Gore to expose 'the fraud of global warming.'
Click here for the full text and a video.

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A Chat With Big Al

This is a "fantasy-strip" about what "happened" when I caught Big Al off camera and off mike. 
Click on each image to enlarge (Click on the left image first.) 

Climate Skeptics Reveal ‘Horror Stories’ of Scientific Suppression

NYC Climate Conference
Further Debunks ‘Consensus’ Claims

The Blog of Record for theInternational Climate Conference

New York, New York – Scientists skeptical of man-made climate fears meeting at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change in New York City described the “absolute horror stories” about how some scientific journals have engaged in “outrageous and unethical behavior” in attempting to suppress them from publishing their work in peer-reviewed journals.

This is more evidence of the liberal fascist behavior that is becoming more strident as criticism from dissenting scientists gains momentum.
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